About Rowan Morgan

(The Lemurian Phoenix)

Hello! My name is Rowan, and I’m a lightworker, healer, musician, and artist. My current focus is creating high-vibrational art to spread positivity and lift people’s spirits. I specialize in digital abstract art, which includes things like fractal art, kaleidoscopes, and mandalas, along with other styles that I dabble in.

Creating abstract art appeals to me because it’s very freeing. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, and it can be beautiful without having to look like anything in particular. While I do use generative art techniques, what I really love is to creative intuitively. I just let source energy flow through me and do whatever feels right in the moment until I’m happy with the result. I have no clue when I start working on a piece what it will look like in the end, so it’s always a surprise!

I greatly appreciate all those that support my work!