Frequently Asked Questions

A – Thank you! Any and all support is appreciated!

You can support me by following me on social media and leaving comments/likes on my posts or sharing my posts (with proper credit).

If you’d like to support me financially, you can purchase physical and digital merchandise at one of my many online shops.

You can also support me with a one-time donation or a monthly subscription on Ko-Fi. Both one-time and monthly supporters on Ko-Fi get exclusive perks such as shout-outs, discount codes, special roles and channels on my Discord server, and an advanced look at alternate at alternate versions of my work. Please see this post for more details.

A – I try to post on a variety of social media and art sites for your convenience. However, Tumblr is currently my favorite social media platform, and I’d be thrilled if you’d follow me there.

You can find a full directory of my social media accounts here.

A – For physical merchandise, it would really help me if you’d consider purchasing from Amazon. Amazon’s print on demand program really limits the number of products you can sell based on how many sales you’ve made, so buying from me there will help me to be able to list more products there in the future. If you see a design you like on one of my other stores that isn’t on Amazon, please contact me, and I’d be happy to switch out one of my current designs on there for the one you wish to purchase.

If the type of product you’re looking for isn’t available on Amazon, or you simply don’t wish to purchase from Amazon, then I have the most designs available on RedBubble.

For digital merchandise, it would really help if you would consider purchasing from Ko-Fi as there are the least amount of fees on my end associated with those purchases. Please note that this is for personal use only. For commercial use, please purchase from Adobe Stock.

You can find a full directory of my shops here.

A – Thanks for the support! Here is the text that I prefer for crediting me:

Art by Rowan Morgan (AKA The Lemurian Phoenix)

A – Not currently, but it’s a service I hope to provide in the future.

A – Oh no! Unfortunately, this can happen. If you suspect someone has stolen my work, it would really help to report it to me.

Please first check my social media and shop directories to make sure it’s not one of my own accounts. If the work is published somewhere that isn’t listed on one of my directory pages, it’s possible that it’s a new site I’m using that I haven’t added to my directories yet, especially if the account name is LemurianPhoenix, AscensionVibrations, or OfAscendedVibes, but it would still be best to report it to me to be on the safe side.

Please use this contact form to report any suspected theft or impersonation. Thank you!

A – Not at this time. While there are some things about NFTs that are appealing in theory, there are just too many potential downsides to consider making NFT editions of my work for the foreseeable future.

This is something that I may reevaluate down the road. For now, know that if you see any of my work being sold or traded as NFTs, that it is not authorized, and I would appreciate it if you’d report this to me using this contact form.

A – Not at this time. I have played around with text-to image AI art generators from time to time and they can be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, AI art generators are currently run in an unethical way, so I’ve decided not to use them in my work until/unless this changes.

However, I do utilize fractal art in my work, which is computer generated, as well as various computer assisted methods of editing and manipulating my work. The main difference between this and text-to-image AI art, is that text-to-image AI art generators are trained on databases of existing images to generate images, and any computer generated images I create are done solely with mathematical algorithms.

A – “Q12” stands for “Quality 12” which is the highest quality a jpg image can be exported as in Photoshop. Sometimes I need to use a slightly lower quality to meet file size restrictions on a given website, so putting “Q10”, “Q11”, or “Q12” at the end of the file name helps me to tell the different versions apart. The jpg files that I sell should always say “Q12” at the end. If you received a lower quality jpg file, then it was in error, and you should contact me so I can fix it.

If your question was not answered here, please feel free to contact me with your inquiry.