Introducing My Ko-Fi Memberships!

Hello, all! I have recently launched monthly memberships on my Ko-Fi account.

Several membership tiers are available at different price points with a variety of different perks. These perks currently include monthly shoutouts, discount codes, exclusive roles and access to private channels on my Discord server, and an advanced look at alternate versions of my art.

This video shows examples of the alternate versions of my art that you’ll get to see with a monthly membership before they are released publicly. View in HD and in full screen mode for better detail. These images are only thumbnails, and members will get to see the art in a higher resolution.

Advanced looks at these types of art and more can be found in my monthly memberships.
*Membership perks are subject to change over time.*

For more details on my monthly memberships please visit my Ko-Fi page.

Click here for a description of the membership tiers in more detail.

Please don’t forget to credit me if you share my work on social media with a link back to my website and/or my Ko-Fi. Suggested text:

Art by Rowan Morgan (AKA The Lemurian Phoenix)

Music: Space
Music by Liborio Conti.

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