Liquid Light Series #4

Liquid Light Series #4 by Rowan Morgan (AKA The Lemurian Phoenix).

This is the fourth piece in my Liquid Light series. The artwork in my Liquid Light series are digital abstract fractal paintings. Fractals are infinitely complex repeating patterns. We are often drawn to fractals because they are found everywhere in nature, and even in our own bodies. This high-vibrational type of art can aid in meditation or elevate your mood just by having it in your environment.

Alternate versions of this art will be made available to my supporters on Ko-Fi. Full resolution digital downloads of this art for personal use are available in my Ko-Fi shop.

Commercial use is not allowed.

Please don’t forget to credit me if you share my work on social media with a link back to my website and/or my Ko-Fi. Suggested text:

Art by Rowan Morgan (AKA The Lemurian Phoenix)

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