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Hello, and welcome to Ascension Vibrations! My name is Rowan Morgan, aka the Lemurian Phoenix. I picked today, September 9th, to launch because my lifepath number in numerology is a 9 and also because the number 99 is a master number in numerology relating to universal love. A little a bit of background information on me. I’m a lightworker and an energy healer, as well as an EFT practitioner which is also known as tapping. I’ve been practicing my healing for well over a decade, but only in a limited capacity. I feel it’s now time for me to step into my power more fully and take on a larger role in sharing my gifts with the world.

My calling right now is to heal others through light language channeled from the universe or source. This light language can take on different forms. I have personally experimented with doing it through music, both instruments and vocals. For the vocal channeling, this can take on the form of speaking, chanting, singing, or even just making weird noises. Anything that comes out is going to sound like gibberish. It’s not any known language, and it’s not meant to be understood on a conscious level in order for the energy to come through more clearly. This is what is often referred to as speaking in tongues. I’ve greatly enjoyed the vocal light language channeling, but I’ve also started to experiment with doing it through art. When I do this through art, just like when I do this through music, I don’t have any idea exactly what I’m going to do before I start. The only thing I do is set the intention for the subject of the energy I’m trying to channel, and then let the energies flow through me. In art form, my light language tends to take on the form of elaborate abstract line art. You could think of it as the visual equivalent of speaking in tongues.

My first experiment with channeling light language through art, I focused on the energy of love. And I swear I had no intention to do this before I started, but the overall shape ended up looking similar to a human heart to me. The really neat thing is that I’ve had others see lots of different things when looking at it and I love that it can be open to interpretation. I ordered some nicer art pens because this was done with just a simple cheap ballpoint pen. So, I ordered some nicer art pens that should give me richer, darker lines. So I hope to have some more pieces out soon.

My overall mission is to heal others through a variety of high vibrational content across various social media platforms as well as my own website, and to eventually give back to the community through charitable works. I hope you’ll all join me on my journey. Wishing you all love and light, namaste.

If you’d like to support my work, please visit my Ko-Fi page!

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