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Introducing My Ko-Fi Memberships!

Hello, all! I have recently launched monthly memberships on my Ko-Fi account:

Several membership tiers are available at different price points with a variety of different perks. These perks currently include monthly shoutouts, discount codes, exclusive roles and access to private channels on my Discord server, and an advanced look at alternate versions of my art.

Welcome To The Age Of Aquarius!

Some astrologers believe that, unlike what is claimed in the above song, the age of Aquarius will happen when Jupiter aligns with Saturn rather than Mars. This is occurring today on the winter solstice: December, 21st 2020…

Strength to Believe by Daniel James

Listening to this just makes my heart soar!

Check out my playlists on Spotify and Youtube for more epic uplifting music!

I’m Free by The Who

This song has been coming to mind quite a bit lately when thinking about my spiritual awakening.

11:11 Awakening Your Ascension Codes

I wanted to share some old favorite meditation music in honor of 11/11. I wanted to share some old favorite meditation music in honor of 11/11. Check out my playlist on Youtube. I’ll be adding more music soon!

Welcome To Ascension Vibrations

Hello, and welcome to Ascension Vibrations! My name is Rowan Morgan, aka the Lemurian Phoenix. I picked today, September 9th, to launch because my lifepath number in numerology is a 9 and also because the number 99 is …